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Pandemic discussion: Balancing what we’ve missed against what we’ve gained

Natalie Naik

At Teach Learn Collaborate Repeat, we held a live discussion session with Dr Wendy Garnham (University of Sussex), Dr Chris Headleand (University of Lincoln) and Dr Chris Trace (University of Surrey) to hear more about what ‘next’ looks like after 18 months of pandemic related restrictions. 

Watch the recording below to hear the insights from academics who’ve been managing the online shift in their teaching and are planning their next step. In the session, Matt East, Education Lead at Talis asks the following questions:

  • Is the traditional lecture as we know it dead ? What does it look like moving forward?
  • The impact of dialogue between students and academics is clear. How can we put student engagement at the heart of what we do?
  • How can we enable students to play active roles within their learning communities?
  • What’s an effective way to implement new techniques and technologies to students?

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