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Active Collaborative Learning and the Next Normal

Natalie Naik

At Teach Learn Collaborate Repeat, we held a live panel with teaching and learning leaders from 3 very different universities from across the UK to hear their views on active collaborative learning and what they are planning to do next. 

Our invited speakers were:

  • Elaine Swift, Head of Digital Learning and Teaching at the University of Worcester
  • Professor Rafe Hallett, Dean of Education at the University of Keele
  • Professor Keith Smyth, Professor of Pedagogy and Head of Learning and Teaching Academy at the University of the Highlands and Islands

During the session, we talked about how can universities and educational communities within them reflect on the past 18 months, and “build back better”. Rafe discussed Keele’s new education principles which take into account which modes of engagement worked, and how they should continue to support these.

Matt East, Education Lead at Talis moderated the session and asked which elements implemented during the pandemic are going to stay. Elaine mentioned more flexible communication options, which is something academics and students said worked well for them.

Watch the session recording to hear more about student engagement, collaboration and the tools that can help achieve them:

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