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Talis Elevate

The Evolving Use of Talis Elevate at the University of Lincoln

Natalie Naik

At Teach Learn Collaborate Repeat we heard from Andy Beggan, Dean of Digital Education and Ian Snowley, Dean of Student Learning Development and University Librarian at the University of Lincoln about their use of Talis Elevate.

Andy explains how Talis Elevate played a role in the rapid shift to online at the start of the pandemic, enabling student learning, engagement and assessment. 

Reporting on an internal survey run at the University of Lincoln, Andy explains that staff felt overall that staff felt they had benefited from blended delivery and enhanced their students’ learning experience. “Talis Elevate was one of the successes of this period, it was seen as a tool that really enabled collaboration and engagement for students when working remotely.”

Andy explains what went well during the shift to online, and on reflection what lessons were learned.

Ian explores their journey with Talis Elevate, from development partner to advocate. 

Talking about Talis Elevate, Ian said “it was clear that in little time and with little preparation, academics could put content online and see their students engaging with it… In a switch to blended learning, you need to know that students are there and engaging with the work, Talis Elevate has been a key part of that.”

“Integration of Talis Elevate into teaching at the University of Lincoln is something we will keep building,” Ian adds.

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