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Talis Elevate

How is the Talis Elevate community engaging their students?

Natalie Naik

At Teach Learn Collaborate Repeat we heard from members of our Talis Elevate community about how they are using the collaborative annotation tool to help their students engage and learn. Find out more about the different use cases by watching the short videos below:

From Onboarding and Journal Clubs, Suzanne Faulkner

Suzanne explains how she used the pin-drop image annotation feature and the text highlighting feature in Talis Elevate to quickly ‘onboard’ her students to the platform. It was a simple and low-risk way to get students to use the tool and get used to engaging with each other.

Using Talis Elevate and Padlet Together, Dr Helen Lovatt

Helen told us why it doesn’t need to be Talis Elevate or Padlet. They each enable different outcomes from students and work great together. Hear why both Talis Elevate and Padlet are ideal for collaborative language learning.

Controversial Content and Continuum of Conversation, Ian Wilson

Ian explains that Talis Elevate enabled him to take his existing good practice and enhance it, rather than needing to rebuilding it. It gave him an insight into students’ thinking ahead of sessions which wasn’t possible before, helping him to better structure his teaching.

Solent Active Reading Project, Dr Roy Hanney

Roy talks about his Active Reading Project which seeks to remove students’ resistance to reading and building their confidence around accessing academic content. Talis Elevate helped them to introduce academic material into the course in an accessible and engaging way.

Virtual Poster Symposium, Dr Victoria Walden

Victoria revealed how they overcame the challenge of presenting posters in an emergency remote learning environment. Talis Elevate allowed the cohort to share their posters and engage with the group in a virtual way.

Assessing student engagement with Talis Elevate, Dr Dannielle Green

Danielle talks about their use of Talis Elevate in the Communication Skills for Conservation course for low stakes assessment. Engagement is difficult to measure, but made easier with Talis Elevate as online engagement with materials can be reported on.

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