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The Royal College of Art Selects Talis Elevate to Enhance Student Learning With Academic Resources

Alison Rooney
press release

The Royal College of Art has selected Talis Elevate for a number of its courses in order to grow the online learning community and to deepen student engagement with academic study. 

Talis Elevate is a learning and teaching tool aimed at bringing collaboration, engagement and insight into the heart of resources.

Academics across both the English for Academic Purposes and the Critical Historical Studies programmes will be making use of Talis Elevate in order to upload documents, videos, audio, and images for their students to use in and out of class. Talis Elevate supports multiple file types, including PDFs, images, text documents and video, as well as embedding Youtube videos. To ensure the use of the tool is seamless, content in Talis Elevate will be embedded within The Royal College of Art’s Virtual Learning Environment, Moodle.

Academics will be able to facilitate deep contextual discussion within their resources using Talis Elevate, as well as utilise the granular, in-depth analytical insight to support their teaching, adjustment to learning design, and targeted support to students. 

Students will be provided with online resources that they can access anywhere, anytime. Talis Elevate allows students to make private study notes, as well as participate in discussion with the rest of their cohort synchronously or asynchronously, and from any device regardless of the content type. 

Juli MacArthur, Learning Technologist at the Royal College of Art was heavily involved in the adoption of Talis Elevate.  She said “We had been looking at ways to engage with text, and needed a system that allowed us to upload our own content. I came across Talis Elevate at the MootIE2020 conference and knew it would be a great solution for us, and much more streamlined than previous systems we had been using. It will allow us to make use of blended and flipped learning and engage with students asynchronously, which is important for our programmes as we have a large number of international remote students.

Matt East, Education Lead at Talis Said “We’re delighted to have the Royal College of Art join the Talis Elevate Community. We’ve seen how Talis Elevate can lower barriers to entry for students and make conversation more accessible within content across a number of institutions; something that is so important for the cohorts at RCA that are adopting Talis Elevate. Enabling students to find their voice and share their diverse perspectives across a range of content is incredibly valuable for the learning experience, and we’re very excited to see how Talis Elevate plays a part in making that happen at the Royal College of Art”.

About RCA

The Royal College of Art is the world’s leading university of art and design. A small, specialist and research-intensive postgraduate university based in London, the RCA provides over 2,000 students with unrivalled opportunities to deliver art and design projects that transform the world.

Offering MA, MPhil, MRes and PhD programmes across the disciplines of architecture, arts & humanities, design and communications, the RCA’s approach is founded on the premise that art, design, creative thinking, science, engineering and technology must all collaborate to solve today’s global challenges.

The College employs around 1,000 professionals from all over the world to teach and develop students in 30 academic programmes; exposing them to new knowledge in a way that encourages experimentation.

InnovationRCA, the university’s centre for enterprise, entrepreneurship, incubation and business support, has helped over 70 RCA business ideas become a reality that has led to the creation of over 750 UK jobs.

The RCA was named the world’s leading university of art and design in the QS World Rankings 2021 for the seventh consecutive year.

About Talis

Talis works with a community of over 100 universities across eight countries, helping them meet their strategic goals around Teaching & Learning, faculty engagement, and student experience. 

Talis Elevate is a collaborative annotation tool that builds conversation into content across multiple resource types. 

Talis Aspire is an online resource list tool that integrates seamlessly with any Learning Management System and Library Services Platform. 

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