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Proving the library’s value with Talis Aspire Advanced MIS

Natalie Naik

At Talis Insight Webinars 2021 we invited sessions from 3 universities making use of Talis Aspire Advanced MIS to get a deeper understanding of how their library services are being used. You can watch their mini case study sessions below.

Jessica Wainwright, Library Resources Manager, University College Birmingham

University College Birmingham makes use of the live data in order to more effectively spot and fix broken links. They also use Talis Advanced MIS to understand the link between student performance and reading lists and advise on reading list best practice with faculty.

Philip Adams, Senior Assistant Librarian: Content Delivery, Department of Library and Learning Services, De Montfort University

De Montfort University has focused its Talis Aspire Advanced MIS project on digitisations. They use the data to understand the use of digitised resources over time, by academic departments and to review student engagement levels.

Madalene George, Student Engagement Coordinator & Senior Library Services Advisor and Kristy Millard, Reading Resources Coordinator, University of Worcester

The University of Worcester used Talis Aspire as part of a wider reading list engagement project. They used the data alongside information learned in staff interviews and student focus groups to provide best practice advice and support for academics when creating resource lists.

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