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Talis Elevate

Creating equitable access for students and the new mobile experience in Talis Elevate

Matt East
student experience

Why equitable access for students is important

We know the current situation is affecting our staff and students in a number of different ways. As a sector, we’re achieved incredible change and maintained and grown significant quality for our teaching, learning, and assessment activity, but there are some areas that we have less control over; access to hardware for all our students.

We know that it’s more important than ever to ensure all students have access to the content they need to succeed in their studies. Creating an equitable experience for students is critical, even more so right now. We know that speaking to our Talis Elevate community, we have a large proportion of the study body that are undertaking all their studies from their phones, as they simply don’t have access to other devices (the Office for Students reported this at almost 20%). 

This issue of digital poverty has become more apparent due to the pandemic, and we wanted to make sure we weren’t actively contributing to the digital equality issue. 

That’s why we’ve put a real focus on making the mobile experience in Talis Elevate fantastic, helping more students engage and participate. 


Announcing Mobile Annotation in Talis Elevate

We’re really pleased to announce that mobile annotation is now available in Talis Elevate. It allows students to engage with content as they would on a laptop or computer, but from their phone or tablet.

This is one way that students can feel more connected and still access the information they need, whether they’re just on the go, or without a laptop altogether.

The graphic below illustrates how it works. As you’ll see it’s super simple. It was created for you to share with students.


Mobile Annotation in Talis Elevate: 1: Tap on the text or drop a pin, 2: add comment or personal note


If you have any questions, raise a support ticket, or if you aren’t yet using Talis Elevate and want to know more, contact us here.

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