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Talis Webinars in 2020

Emma Dodd

In 2020 we have seen some fantastic webinars and discussions, and had the opportunity to bring our community together to share best practice and experience from their peers. 

We have had a total of 12 different universities speaking about a wide range of topics on our community webinars, from accessibility to wellbeing as well as a variety of uses of Talis Aspire.

In total, across our Product update webinars and Community webinars we have had 312 individuals attend live webinars with a further 364 individuals who signed up to receive the recordings. These individuals represent Higher Education professionals from over 100 institutions across the world.

Our most attended webinar was presented by the University of Bradford in July Improving the student experience by automating reading list purchasing. You can watch this here.

Our most watched recording was presented by Aberystwyth University on academic engagement you can catch the recording here: 



We ensure all our webinars are recorded, so if you’re not able to attend or the webinar is being delivered in a different timezone, you can catch up later. We understand that your working days are busy, so we share these so you can listen back at a time which is convenient.

Sara Burnell, Digital Support Librarian from the University of Oxford shared: 

“I always try to subscribe to the Talis Webinars to keep up-to-date with new and planned features and to hear questions from other institutions. The reminders are extremely useful and it’s especially helpful to receive a link to the Webinar if unable to  attend rather than having to remember to look for it at a later date. A few nice surprises this past year & looking forward to more enhancements next year.”

Product Update webinars

We hold Product Update webinars which are a round-up of the releases we have made, and an update on current enhancements and improvements underway. Attending or viewing the recording of these webinars ensures that you are up to date with all the latest features and improvements, which in turn means you can get the most from Talis Aspire. 

One of our mantras in the Services team is ‘our success is your success’. By attending Talis webinars, you are able to learn how to make the most of your Talis Aspire tenancy. 

Community Webinars

Talis webinars are a great way to keep up to date with industry trends. For example, topics we have covered this year include: Accessibility – reviewing your branding and Resourcing Ebooks in 2020. We really appreciate those who have made time to present on webinars this year, despite the challenging circumstances. We know community is important to you, and it was great to see you come together to share concerns, ideas and solutions.

Interested in running webinars or online sessions of your own? We wrote a post earlier this year with tips on shifting to online tools for training sessions. Read it here.

How can you get involved?

You are able to find out about our upcoming webinars and register to attend to receive the recording by checking our events page, monthly newsletters and reminders via our Service Announcements mailing list. 

We would love to hear from you! If you have any topics you would like us to cover in our upcoming webinars or if you have any areas of best practice or projects you would like to share with our community, do let us know by emailing and we’d be delighted to host a webinar with you.


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