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How Talis Aspire did at the start of the academic year

Natalie Naik

September and October are always our busiest months here at Talis. That’s because it marks the start of the academic year for most of our universities. This year, with more students attending lectures and studying at home, we’ve seen an even bigger spike in use of reading lists and digitised content in Talis Aspire. But how did we hold up?

Talis Aspire had an uptime of 99.98%
. We support students and faculty worldwide with 24/7 access and support.

There were 8,032,646 views of reading lists in Talis Aspire by 296,431 users.

Students have been busy! There were 315,000 reading intentions made in Talis Aspire. Almost twice as many as this time last year.

Access to online resources is more important than ever. There were 427,305 views of digitised content in Talis Aspire at the start of term.

*stats from the 21/09-26/10 period.

See the full picture below:


Infographic created by Ana Corral


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