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Does your Talis Aspire branding meet accessibility guidelines?

Emma Dodd

At Talis, we want to ensure that all users have an enjoyable and efficient experience when using our tools, whatever their needs are.

You may have seen that we have added enhancements over recent months, to support accessibility within Talis Aspire. These include button hover text and the appearance of boxes around text, which have already been added to your reading list tenancy.

One key area of your tenancy that we want to ensure is accessible is the branding of your Talis Aspire homepage. We have previously enabled heavily customised branding, but as Talis Aspire has changed with new features such as New List Edit, this has resulted in inconsistencies of usage from one page to another. Therefore we want to ensure that all our universities are compliant and we will be working on a program to update all tenancies to our new branding guidelines over the coming months.

These branding guidelines, when followed, will ensure that your Talis Aspire homepage will meet accessibility requirements. This will ensure the user experience is efficient, enjoyable and compatible with screen-reader technology and future-proofing. 

In our Design and branding support article, we outline the branding options: 

  • Which 14 points can be styled 
  • The range of header and footer links you are able to add 
  • Application name and colour 
  • Aspects of your reading list tenancy you have colour choices 

You can hear more about this and see some examples of rebranded reading list tenancies from our Head to toe – reviewing your branding and links webinar we held earlier this year. 

You can read our Web Accessibility Statement, which is linked from the navigation bar on your reading list tenancy for further details on how Talis have approached the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 guidelines. 

If you would like to check if your reading list tenancy meets our branding guidelines, or if you are interested in having an update now, please raise a support ticket with the Talis Services team. Otherwise, the team will be reaching out to you over the coming months to discuss your branding. 


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