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Talis Aspire

How we’ve made the reading list experience more accessible

Natalie Naik

We’ve made changes to List View and List Edit in Talis Aspire reading lists to make them more accessible.

We wanted to cause minimal disruption, so you could carry on using the system as normal. While the changes have been subtle, we’ve improved the experience for all users, particularly those with additional requirements.

Read our previous post on why we think accessibility is important.

Below are ‘before’ and ‘after’ screenshots of reading lists Talis Aspire.



In the ‘after’ image, you can see that the ‘action’ buttons stand out more and have more defined edges.


We build products using the ‘Talis Design Language’. This is a set of style and design controls that ensure we are meeting accessibility specifications and best practices, whilst ensuring that our products are consistent.

Among other changes to our design language, we’ve aimed to make function buttons and links clearer by providing higher contrast and reconsidered set of ‘focus states’ for navigating using a keyboard.

We will roll this out over the rest of the Talis Aspire interface over the next few months to bring the product in line with these areas.

Whilst the product itself upholds accessibility standards, this can be altered or broken by your branding. You may have selected a colour scheme that is classed as ‘inaccessible’. In this case, we will be working with those universities to help them fall in line with accessibility requirements. If you would like to check this, please raise a support ticket.


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