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How the University of Portsmouth Business School provided better access to online resources with Perlego

Natalie Naik
Perlego Shift to Online

We’ve partnered with Perlego to bring students more choice when it comes to accessing online resources. You can find out more about why we’ve partnered with Perlego, and how it works here.

The University of Portsmouth Business School is a Perlego user and provides Perlego content to their students. We wanted to find out more about why they chose Perlego and spoke to Hannah Porter, Faculty Librarian.

Hannah said “I’m responsible for the 4000 students in the Faculty of Business and Law, which is who we’ve got Perlego for. Our existing ebook provision became an issue because some courses had over 750 students on, with many having 200 students on. Trying to deliver multiple single licences for a core textbook for that many students has its issues. 

Back in March, COVID-19 caused us to have a rethink. The lectures in Business are historically quite theory-heavy, but we are now looking at doing more of a flipped-classroom approach, which involves doing the reading first. For this to work, we couldn’t have any barriers for students to access their reading. They needed a seamless and completely online experience. 

This was Faculty Funded lead by the Dean and Subject Heads in the Faculty, rather than from the library.

We chose Perlego because it’s a library of unlimited texts, students and staff can have unrestricted access to all across the platform. The app is great, and the user interface is very simple and modern. Academic staff have found the direct linking very good, you can embed at page, chapter or book level into VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) pages. I’ve also been working with academics on how they can utilise Perlego content in their Talis Aspire reading lists. The dashboard will also give me a good idea of what is being used in Perlego too.”

You can watch the webinar below, where Hannah discusses why they chose Perlego and explains their process for selecting Perlego. The second part of the webinar is a Q&A with Perlego, Talis and Hannah.



If you have any questions or would like to find out more about how you could use Perlego alongside Talis Aspire, please raise a support ticket or speak to your account manager.

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