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Getting in the best shape for Talis Aspire Advanced MIS

Natalie Naik
advanced mis Management Information

 If you’re considering how you can better utilise analytics in Talis Aspire, you may be thinking about the Talis Aspire Advanced MIS (Management Information System). Whether you have plans to implement it soon, or are just starting to look into your options, there are things you can start doing now to get your data into better shape.

The moment you want to start using Advanced MIS there are some questions you’ll immediately want to ask about who is doing what and in which subject area. The processes and set-ups outlined here are best-practice methods for keeping your tenancy up to date and collecting useful data. You can do these things regardless of whether you want to use Advanced MIS or not. 

Our recommendations below will help you get the most from Advanced MIS, as you will already have a bank of data built up, ready to analyse. However, not doing these things won’t stop you from using Advanced MIS successfully in the future.


Here are the details:

List Privacy 

By ensuring all users are signed in, you can enable the collection of user-specific activity in Talis Aspire. 

This information feeds into more detailed analysis of usage and provides data suitable for integration with a learning analytics system.

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Automatic Profile

Tied to List Privacy, this can remove the additional user step to create a profile in Talis Aspire. 

Automatic Profiles can also be used to ensure that consistent names and identifiers are passed to Talis. This is important for later surfacing in reports through Advanced MIS and allowing data in Talis Aspire to be linked back to other institutional data.

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Refresh the Hierarchy 

Refreshing the hierarchy in Talis Aspire ensures clearer and more organised data collection. Advanced MIS provides an opportunity for aggregate reporting of figures at the higher levels of organisational grouping such as department or school, so having this data in good shape is important.

Having your hierarchy in good shape in Talis Aspire also means that it displays well in the MI (Management Information) Dashboard.

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Providing support

If you’d like to find out more about this checklist or need support with setting up these processes, we’d be happy to help. Please raise a support ticket in Talis Aspire.

If you’re interested in Advanced MIS or are ready to start discussing your options with us, please get in touch with your account manager or

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