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Talis Elevate

Talis Elevate at the University of Sussex

Natalie Naik

We spoke with Dr Wendy Garnham, Director of Student Experience at the University of Sussex to learn more about her use of Talis Elevate within her teaching.

Wendy told us “Talis Elevate is transforming my student interaction in and out of the seminars. The students are using it to ask questions and clarify their understanding but they are also demonstrating an ability to think outside of the box in relation to the topics and controversies covered.

Reece Kaiden, a student of Wendy’s explained the ways in which Talis Elevate had helped them to gain confidence within their peer group.

Karolina Mikolajczyk, another student explains how Talis Elevate can be used to gain deeper learning of the course materials.

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