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Meet the Talis Services Team

Natalie Naik

As Talis Aspire and Talis Elevate reaches new geographies and new universities, we want to show you the people behind the product. In this post, we look at the Talis Services Team, our front-line when it comes to supporting users.

The Talis Services Team is responsible for a wide range of tasks at Talis.

The first time you’ll meet them is when you become a Talis user, you’ll have an implementation kick-off session where one of our Talis Services Team will work through what implementation entails and what you can expect from your project.

This is followed up with a two-day training session where we spend time with you, helping you get set up with the system and exploring rollout of Talis across your university. They’re the experts on making it work to suit your team and to providing the best experience for your staff and students. 

After that, you’ll catch up with the Talis Services Team regularly on calls, where you can get advice, ideas, and support for things you’d like to do with our system. 

When you raise support tickets, it’s the Talis Services Team that picks them up and helps you to find a solution. 

You’ll also find them running webinars, or at events.

They’re the resident experts on how our system works, and how our Talis universities use it, with many of them being ex-librarians! They’re an important team for all of us to lean on, helping other teams around the business better understand our users, or contributing to content on our blog and website.


Who are they?

Laura Unwin
Services Manager
Based in Newcastle, the North East of England
‘Your success is our success’ – as a Services Team we work to understand your unique setup and to ensure that you are successful in your use of Talis. I enjoy meeting all our universities and building those relationships with people and the excitement that having a product like Talis brings.

Rebecca (Bex) Carruthers
Senior Support Consultant
Based in Lara, Victoria, Australia
Change can be scary, but it can also be exciting. To help people accept change, focus on the excitement, and highlight your top five positives or benefits. Encourage people to explore and have a play, and try to make engagements fun.

Emma Dodd
Support Consultant
Based in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England
Our community is very supportive of each other, since starting at Talis I have been impressed with how our universities share best practices and initiatives to help others. Being part of the Services team, I enjoy being able to put universities in touch with others who have a like for like setup, in either systems, size, or service approach. I am really looking forward to working with and helping develop our Talis Aspire community in Canada!

David Renfree
Support Consultant
Based in Birmingham, West Midlands of England
I’m always surprised by the creative ways that universities find to use Talis Aspire, but it’s really interesting to understand their workflow needs and help them design a solution. It’s the variety of tasks we engage with that keeps the job interesting!

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