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Talis Aspire

Collecting resources for homeschooling

Emma Dodd
Shift to Online

Like many parents, I currently find myself in the situation of needing to support my daughter’s schooling from home while I also work. My group of friends, many of whom are teachers, started sharing useful educational resource links on social media.

I thought the best way to collate all of these resources in one place is to use a reading list. The list has sections for a wide range of resources, ages, and types of subjects. 

Although my child’s school is uploading work and resources in line with the current schemes of work, having a ‘bank’ of a variety of other resources, particularly to help with being active and for personal health and social development, is important. 

All of these resources can be freely viewed online. Some of them had previously required paid subscriptions, but the companies behind them have made them freely available to access during the current COVID-19 situation.

The categories include: 

  • Phonics and early reading 
  • Health and Fitness
  • English and reading
  • Maths resources
  • Exploring outdoors
  • Zoos and virtual tours
  • Arts and crafts  

….. and many more. 

A link to the list is here.


Many thanks to everyone who has contributed and shared resources to help shape this list so far. 

This list is continuing to evolve as more resources are shared. If you have any ideas or suggestions for other reading lists we can look to create, or resources to add to this list, please email Emma Dodd (


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