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October is our busiest month of the year – so, how did we do?

Natalie Naik
infrastructure Talis update

October is our busiest month of the year when we see the most engagement and views in Talis Aspire. In this post, we look at how Talis Aspire has performed during that time and why it’s important that we maintain our service.

October marked the start of the academic year for our European universities, with new courses starting and an influx of new students. October is also the start of the exam period for our Asia-Pacific universities. In both regions, we know that activity on reading lists, from students and academics, will be high, so it’s important to us that we provide a consistent level of service. 

October is not the only busy month, and students are using our service in many other countries. For this reason, we ensure Talis Aspire is reliable all year round, no matter the time of day or location.

Here are the numbers for the month of October 2019:

We saw over 10 million page views on all reading lists from our Talis Aspire users across the globe. That’s over 300,000 views a day!

There were 15,899 digitisations made in Talis Aspire and 401,508 views on digitised content

There were 159878 reading intentions made in the month of October.

Throughout October, we maintained 100% uptime!

We aim to ensure we are there for your students and staff, no matter the time or location, or how many people are using Talis Aspire at the same time. Talis Aspire has been built on a system prepared to handle peaks in usage without affecting the user experience. In fact, we hope that you are unaware of the busiest periods in Talis Aspire. 


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