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Academic engagement at Trinity College Dublin

Natalie Naik
case study

It’s great to see newer Talis Aspire universities get to grips with the system and succeed as they tackle challenges such as academic adoption and engagement with the system. We love sharing great work that our user community has done, in this blog post find out more about the academic engagement project at Trinity College Dublin.

Trinity College Dublin implemented Talis Aspire in June 2018. During the first year, the team focused on a group of academics known to be champions of new technologies to help them advocate the system as they kick-started their academic engagement efforts. 

To support phase two of rolling out Talis Aspire the library team worked on developing guides for academics and a video of the champion academics talking about the benefits of using  MyReadingList@TCD and their experiences. 

John Cremin, Periodicals Librarian shares their plans behind the videos: 

Our primary motivation in creating the videos was to promote MyReadingList@TCD to the academic community. We wanted something to quickly showcase the benefits of using the reading lists.

We have integrated the videos into our LibGuide page with a link to it on our main Library home page. You can see the videos here:

The academics we used were in our group of five academic champions who engaged with the Library on phase one of the roll-out in 2018/19. Their enthusiasm for MyReadinglist really came across in the videos.  Uptake of the reading lists is building gradually as academics see the lists and hear from librarians and colleagues. The videos have been a great asset in promoting MyReadingList@TCD.

Image of the Berkeley library at night


It’s great to hear academics talking positively about Talis Aspire and how this has benefited their students. Talis are looking forward to continuing supporting the team at Trinity College Dublin as they expand the rollout of Talis Aspire. 

To hear other academic views, click here to see more videos from the Talis Aspire community.

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