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Managing the rise and fall of student numbers – how we stay reliable throughout the year

Natalie Naik
infrastructure Talis update

With so many students, academics and librarians relying on Talis Aspire to access resources, teaching material and to ensure smooth efficient workflows, ensuring the system is reliable and available is our top priority. In this post we look at our uptime, and our performance over the past year.

Since October 1st 2018, our uptime has been 99.99%, including any scheduled maintenance. Talis has focused on building this level of quality into our cloud provision for years, and we are proud to be able to achieve this during our busiest time. This is no mean feat, just ask your other cloud vendors!

At Talis, we are constantly making changes to update and improve the system, and to keep up with growing demand. Our goal is that you don’t notice these increments and that the service is always available, especially during busy periods.

In order to achieve a consistent service, no matter how many users are on the system. Our infrastructure and system design enable it to scale to meet our users’ needs, providing an extremely robust service, available when you and your users need it.

In the last year (October 1st 2018 – October 1st 2019) we have achieved the following:

21,319 new reading lists created
As of October 1st 2019, 512,432 reading lists exist in Talis Aspire

196,970 digitisation requests processed
As of October 1st 2019, Talis Aspire has processed a total of 862,368 digitisation requests

We are proud to maintain a robust service all year round, to meet the needs of our users all over the world. You can read last year’s post here. 

October is the busiest period of the year for Talis Aspire, with the start of the academic year for our European universities and the start of the exam period for our Asia-Pacific universities. The early indications are that October 19 has been even busier than last year for Talis Aspire and that we maintained our levels of availability across our services. In a few weeks time, we will update you with the numbers.

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