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Student and Academic engagement at Bishop Grosseteste University

Emma Dodd
case study

Bishop Grosseteste University implemented Talis Aspire in August 2018. During the first year, the team focused on a small number of courses (English, Maths, Counselling, PGCE Primary, History) and early adopter academics to establish workflows and introduce Talis Aspire. A year after implementation, the library team are moving into Talis Aspire as business as usual. The library team have also reclassified the entire library and implemented Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) during summer 2019. The next set of reading lists are ready for September 2019 and there is an anticipated project completion date of September 2020.

The library building at BGU

Jon Begley, Senior Lecturer in English, has been very positive about the impact Talis Aspire has had in supporting teaching on his module and has shared with us some feedback he has from one of his students:

“A comment made by one of my students, reflects the success of the Talis Aspire reading list system in overcoming the challenges of a particularly complex module that required the separation of theoretical concepts relating to identity (such as class, gender, ethnicity, nationality) from exemplary literary and film texts (which could be matched with multiple concepts for the purposes of assessment). The ability to unify primary and recommended reading materials within a clear structure of sections and subsections undoubtedly helped the students to research across texts and topics.

My student said: “I found the reading list that was developed…really really helpful. it was clear and concise with all the materials we covered in the module on the list with a link directly to the Worldcat copy of the book, show, writing etc. I think every module and subject should follow the reading list structure in this module.”


It’s great to hear what a positive impact on our students experience Talis Aspire has had, and Talis are looking forward to continuing supporting the team at Bishop Grosseteste University as they expand the rollout of Talis Aspire.

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