Welcome to June’s Developer Community Newsletter.

Webinar: Introduction to APIs

We invite you to join us for an introduction to Talis Aspire APIs and discussion of good practice in working with them. We’ll talk about what is possible, how you can get started, and leave you with some top tips to help you design an integration that can be shared with the Talis Aspire Developer Community.

Become a beta development partner, and work with us to shape and promote the Talis Aspire APIs.

10th July at 11:00 BST
Register here

See inside our Data Warehouse: Advanced MIS

Advanced MIS is our new Data Warehouse and as announced at Talis Insight, it is here! Over the coming months we’ll be revealing more about the sorts of things you can do with it.

For now we’d like to introduce you to our Advanced MIS documentation. Find out about the data collected from applications, and from events which happen within. You can see who is looking at a list, what they clicked on and where they clicked out to external resources.

Advanced MIS is available in the Talis Aspire Unlimited Tier. If you are interested in learning more, raise a support ticket and we’ll get back to you.

Try out an Advanced MIS recipe

Following on from the introduction to our new Advanced MIS data warehouse, over the coming weeks and months we are adding a series of Advanced MIS queries, explained, tested and ready for you to copy and paste into your tooling.

We would like to highlight the first of these ‘recipes’ added to our documentation which showcases use of reading intentions at your university, by analysing stats around student changes to reading intentions.

See these as starting points, or suggestions, or even complete solutions for your Advanced MIS needs. As more people use Advanced MIS, we’ll be encouraging you to share your own to the community.

Two things you need to know if upgrading to Blackboard Ultra

If you are upgrading to Blackboard Ultra Over the summer here are two things you need to know:

Blackboard are moving away from supporting Building Blocks in Ultra Courses. Integrations should be via REST APIs or LTI. We have an LTI tool just for you! Find out how to configure the LTI Tool in Blackboard Ultra.

If you already have an LTI Tool configured in Blackboard, when you upgrade, the LTI tool is deactivated. This is a known issue, logged with Blackboard here: https://community.blackboard.com/thread/7992-talis-aspire-and-saas. Please raise with Blackboard for a solution to enable the LTI Tool again. They are aware of this and are ready to help you in any migration to Learn SaaS that you may be involved with.

If you have any questions on this, do let us know via a support ticket.

Any changes?

As always, if you have any upcoming changes planned to any of your library systems which may impact on Talis Aspire – particularly if these are change to your Library Systems or Identity Provider – please get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can discuss whether any work may need to take place within Talis Aspire to ensure continued uptime during the transition. To get in touch with us please create a support ticket.

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