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Talis Insight Europe 2019: Talis Elevate Case Study at the University of Lincoln

Natalie Naik
Talis Insight Europe 2019

Dr Jamie Wood is Principal Lecturer and Director of Teaching and Learning, School of History and Heritage at the University of Lincoln. Over the past academic year, he has been working on a pilot project for Talis Elevate, using Talis Elevate within his classes. The Talis team were delighted to invite him to present at Talis Insight Europe 2019 to share his findings.

In his session, Jamie talked about his previous experiences with using different technologies in his classes and why this brought him to the point of wanting to pilot Talis Elevate. Interestingly, he designed one of his courses around the use of Talis Elevate to properly centre the learning and teaching around the tool, rather than trying to force it in, and reflects that this was successful in his case.

You can watch his session in the video below to find out more about how he designed his classes:



It was great to hear that Jamie found Talis Elevate useful in his teaching and that students reacted well to this. Jamie also included results from a feedback study he did with his students following the use of the tool. To conclude, Jamie explains that he would be interested in continuing to use Talis Elevate – great feedback for us at Talis. Thank you, Jamie, for sharing your experience with us!


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