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The Talis Awards 2019: Excellence in Marketing and Engaging Academics

Natalie Naik
Talis Awards Talis Insight Europe 2019

We are really pleased to announce the following winners and runners-up for the Excellence in marketing and engaging academics award. We announced this at Talis Insight Europe 2019, at the Talis Awards 2019. This event celebrates the brilliant work being done by our Talis Aspire users around the globe.

The Talis Award for Excellence in marketing and engaging academics is for universities that show a dedication to academic adoption, impressive and creative methods and a well-executed plan.


Rebecca Carruthers accepts the award on behalf of Auckland University of Technology


Congratulations to Auckland University of Technology, winner in this category. Here’s why:

“Auckland University of Technology (AUT) adopted Talis Aspire in 2016 with the drive and focus being on digitised content and ensuring that all digitisations were copyright compliant and tracked. As demonstrated in their presentation this year at Talis Insight APAC 2019, they have remained focused on ensuring that all academic staff are aware of copyright rules. To do this they took a very supportive approach offering variation in the way that they engaged academics, from one to one sessions to online support. AUT are now able to say that they know that 100% of items on Blackboard are copyright compliant. This has also seen an impressive impact on the growth of reading lists and engagement with the system. AUT have demonstrated how with drive and determination you can change a wide group of people’s understanding of an area and we look forward to continuing to see AUT grow in their use of Talis Aspire.”

The runners up in this category were Northumbria University and the University of East Anglia.

“Northumbria University have shown an incredible dedication to engaging academics. Recognising that having only one way of engagement was not going to work they have developed a variety of strategies to engage academics from bespoke support to individual faculties, one-to-one desk support, group sessions and online guidance. They presented at Talis Insight Europe 2018 their ‘dashboard’ they have devised a bespoke dashboard to track academic and student engagement in lists which was really well received. Northumbria University continues to push the boundaries and look for new ways to engage academics. We look forward to seeing what they have planned next.”


Robin Farndon accepts the award for the University of East Anglia


“The University of East Anglia adopted a mandate in 2018 that all modules should have a reading list. This led to the library recognising that expecting academics to come and knock on their door was not going to be enough and that there was a need for a proactive approach to getting academics on board. This was a multi-pronged approach including library staff inviting themselves via calendar invites to go and demonstrate to academics, to enable this a temporary member of staff was hired not to create lists but to deliver training to lecturers. They have detailed supporting information available via their help pages, explaining the benefits of using Talis Aspire for all stakeholders, as well as handy and clear to follow user guides. We look forward to seeing how the approach evolves and reading lists grow.”


Congratulations to all of the winners and runners-up. We are thrilled to be able to celebrate with you each year and to watch our user community achieve great things.

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