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The Talis Advisory Board

Natalie Naik
Talis update

Having seen so many benefits from working with the Talis Aspire User Group representatives, the team at Talis wanted to look at other ways we could engage further with universities to make the most out of the knowledge and experience within our community. In order to best hear our community’s voice from a strategic angle, we have created a Talis Advisory Board, to work closely with us as we continue to develop our business and product strategy.

The Talis Advisory Board will be made up of a group of five library directors, as well as three key members of the Talis Team, David Errington (CEO),  Justin Leavesley (CSO) and Alison Spencer (Head of Operations). The aim of the Talis Advisory board is to connect more closely with our strategic community as we continue to evolve our products and the ways we work with universities, to ensure we stay as relevant and effective as possible. This will help us better understand the challenges faced by Higher Education libraries within the wider university strategy, now and in the future, and allow us to understand how we can tackle them.

We plan to share market intelligence and debate, shape and validate Talis future direction alongside our Talis Advisory Board. They will act as strategic representatives from our community and their feedback and ideas will help us further improve what we do at Talis.

We have invited three heads of libraries to initiate the Talis Advisory Board, and move it forward in a direction agreed by themselves. We believe they all have something different and valuable to offer and will form part of a diverse group of representatives. These three members will work together to identify a further two members to join the Talis Advisory Board.

Our first members of the Talis Advisory Board are:

  • Emma Adamson, Director of Learning Services, University of South Wales
  • Ian Snowley, Dean of Student Learning Development and University Librarian, University of Lincoln
  • Rosie Jones, Director of Students and Library Services, Teesside University

The group intends to meet in person twice per year and engage in an ongoing dialogue on current and future issues.

If you have any questions or want to find out more about how you can make an impact as part of the Talis community, email Alison Spencer (

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