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Where should you start with data available from Talis Aspire?

Tim Hodson
Developer Community Management Information

Talis Aspire has a wealth of data available through reports.  But how do you turn that raw data into something that is meaningful and conveys information? The Talis Consulting Team have developed a workshop day, this takes a university from a point in time where they feel they are swamped with data, toward a place where information about how the reading lists and the resources they are recommending are being used by those who matter most.

Information by its definition is not just data, but data which is understood in a particular context and which is then presented to an audience in such a way as it can be considered useful.  But that path from data to information can be daunting and could have many different starting points.

Talis Aspire’s Data Business Process Review starts with a blank sheet and helps the university to build up a picture of its data needs. The library, teaching and learning specialists, academics and students all have a different viewpoint on this, and getting them together in one room to flesh out what is important to pursue, means that a reporting desire can be turned into an actionable plan.

Our Consulting Team can introduce you to the tools and methods that allow for processing data into information and can share with you how other universities are solving similar problems.

Read this post to see how a recent visit to the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester was summed up by the digital transformation team.

Talis have been working away in the area of Management Information, and have been constructing dashboards and building a pipeline to pull data out of Talis Aspire into tools like Tableau, Power BI, and Business Objects. We’re currently working with Beta Development Partners to iron out the wrinkles before we can start to make this more widely available.

Watch this space to see how Talis are working on new tooling to make it even easier for data in Talis Aspire to be combined with other university data to produce deeper insights.


Let us know if you would be interested in us running a Data Business Process Review by raising a support ticket.

Look out for more on using data from Talis Aspire at Talis Insight Europe 2019.

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