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Talis Insight Asia-Pacific 2019 – an overview

Natalie Naik

On the 24th and 25th of January, we co-hosted Talis Insight Asia-Pacific 2019 with the Queensland University of Technology at their Gardens Point Campus, Brisbane, Australia. It was a great event, with two days of sessions from Talis users, library leaders in Higher Education, and updates from the Talis team. We saw attendees from across 12 institutions in Australia and New Zealand.

You can see slides from our Talis Aspire User Group community below:

Welcome to Talis Insight Asia-Pacific

A session from our hosts at Queensland University of Technology kicked off the event. This session was led by Frances Eden, Director, Library Services and HiQ and Garry Johnston, Resource Team Leader.

Digital Campus Reading Lists in the Griffith context

Maureen Sullivan, Director Library and Learning Services at Griffith University, presented a session on their Digital Campus, launched in 2018.

“We believe that every student is “online” regardless of how or where they study and our priorities are the development of digital services, tools and resources to enrich the student experience.” This session explored how Talis Aspire reading lists were used to support this project.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Making big changes in a short time

Helen Hooper, Director, Library & Information Services, James Cook University, reflected on their experience of implementing Talis Aspire. Helen explained why Talis Aspire was chosen, how this impacted current processes, and the opportunities it provided to the library team.

Reading Lists: tackling content issues to improve the student experience

Craig Milne, Manager, Scholarly Resource & Library Campus Services at Griffith University, explored how Griffith have been focusing on the student experience,using data from their Talis Aspire Reading Lists. In his presentation, he discussed current strategies, and the impact these have had so far.  He also outlined a new direction for 2019 that will make use of a Tableau dashboard for engaging with academics, program directors, and university committees to try and tackle the content issues to further improve the student experience.

The Deakin experience: academics and librarians co-creating to engage online learners

This session was presented by Sabina Robertson, Manager, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment Library Services, and Peta Hanley, Collection Access and Metadata Librarian, both from Deakin University.

The presentation focused on their experiences of working with academics and Head of a Faculty Learning Design team to make the online unit sites an engaging and consistent experience for all students within the faculty, as well as ensuring copyright compliance within their unit sites. This included creating essential reading lists for all units offered by the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment, and auditing unit sites for the presence of copyright materials.

Supporting copyright compliance at AUT

Jean Schutte, Manager, Collections, and Sarah Powell, Copyright & Open Access Advisor from Auckland University of Technology, discussed how Talis Aspire fits into their copyright compliance process. They explain how they used Blackboard as part of the workflow, and share some advantages and disadvantages they have identified along the way.


See all slides in a reading list here.


We are holding a webinar on the 19th February 2019 to discuss Talis Insight and highlight some of the key topics discussed and to continue the conversation. If you’d like to attend, find out more and register here.

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