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How we can seamlessly move you from any reading list system to Talis Aspire

Natalie Naik

Having reached over 100 Talis Aspire customers, we rarely come across a combination of systems that we haven’t worked with before. From library management systems, to Virtual Learning Environments, we’ve seen it all and have successfully migrated over 70% of the UK’s universities to Talis Aspire. In this post, we focus on how we have migrated our universities from one reading list system to another.

At Talis we believe the support of the Services and Consulting Teams is vital in ensuring a successful migration. We work with our universities closely to understand their specific goals, team structure and ideal workflows to help create a setup that works for them. You can find out more about our implementation process here.

In addition to the standard implementation process (explained in the post mentioned above), moving from an existing system also usually involves migrating your existing reading list, which adds an extra dimension to the project. We explore examples of this below:

Migrating existing reading list data from Rebus:list to Talis Aspire

Aston University selected Talis Aspire having previously used Rebus:list. Aston had confidence that it could be done successfully as Edge Hill University had already made this change. You can read more about their implementation experience at the bottom of this post.

Caroline Long, Information Resources Specialist and Emma Hollinshead, Systems Specialist at Aston University said “They [Talis] were happy to work to a very tight schedule to move us from our previous reading list system in time for the start of the new Academic year, and despite the usual teething problems, they delivered a working system on schedule.” Aston University joined Talis Aspire in May 2017, and in September 2017 their online reading lists were active.

You can watch this video from Aston University where Library Director, Heather Whitehouse, as well as Caroline Long mentioned above share their thoughts on the implementation.

We have moved 5 institutions from Rebus:list to Talis Aspire in the last 12 months.


In-house system to Talis Aspire

As well as moving universities from other commercial reading list solutions to Talis Aspire, we have also worked with universities who had an in-house system and were implementing a commercial reading list solution for the first time.

Southampton Solent University had their own unique requirement for the university citation style to be included in their setup, so the Talis team completed a bespoke piece of work to enable this to continue working.

James Clark, Library Systems Manager at Southampton Solent University, told us that “Solent had a special requirement that one of our citation styles had to be loaded into our tenancy independently… Talis undertook to do this in advance of the launch of our service, kept us informed of progress, and completed the work in plenty of time.” You can find out more about their experience at the bottom of this post.

The University of Oxford have also implemented Talis Aspire having used an in-house solution previously, motivated by wanting a student experience with a more digital approach that enabled better access to resources. The Talis Services and Consulting teams have been working with the  University of Oxford in order to get them live for the 2018/19 academic year, starting this autumn.


Could you be the next to challenge us? If you’d like to find out more about implementation at Talis, you can read this post where we detail our process. If you have any questions, please email to find out even more.

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