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Hear how our Talis Aspire User Group (TAUG) community tackled reading list adoption at Talis Insight Europe 2018

Natalie Naik
Talis Insight Europe 2018

There were many sessions at Talis Insight Europe 2018 from our Talis Aspire User Group (TAUG) Committee. In this post, we discuss the sessions that explored reading list adoption, from writing policies to a resource list framework.

The University of Westminster purchased Talis Aspire in 2014 and after an early-adopters phase, there was a University-wide launch in September 2015. Lorna Rosbottom, Academic Liaison Librarian, delivered a session on the library’s experience of implementing Talis Aspire. She explores the challenges and successes of writing a reading list policy that incorporates student experience and academic feedback. Lorna also outlines the work they have undertaken to develop a University-wide reading policy as part of a learning and teaching action plan led by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Experience).

Watch the session here:

The University of Roehampton approved a reading list strategy in July 2015 and in 2016, Library Services and academic colleagues agreed further shared guidelines in a Resource List Framework (RLF) to help embed the strategy. In their session, David Steedman, Reading List and Digitisation Coordinator and Vicky Fenerty, Team Leader (Academic Engagement) outline how they used Talis Aspire reports to create an audit tool for reading lists to ensure compliance with their framework and a wider understanding for academic staff.

No recording is available for this session, however, you can see their slides here.


The University of East Anglia has had an evolving approach to the implementation and adoption of Talis since first purchasing it in 2015. The institution has recently moved to a full adoption model for the 2017/18 academic year. In his talk, Robin Farndon, Reading Lists Administrator at the University of East Anglia discusses their experiences to date, along with the potential opportunities and pitfalls encountered along the way.

Watch the session below:


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