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Kate Price, University Librarian at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), reflects back on her career for the closing keynote at Talis Insight Europe 2018

Natalie Naik
Talis Insight Europe 2018

Kate Price is University Librarian at QMUL. We asked her to close Talis Insight Europe 2018 with a reflection on her career in a number of academic libraries. She took us on a journey, with photos she had taken herself on her travels.

Kate delivered a thoughtful and thought-provoking session, discussing not only professional obstacles and achievements but personal ones too. She asked the audience why they entered into a career in academic libraries and for their pearls of wisdom, which were collected through devices and shown on screen.

You can watch her session in the video below:

(Please note the interactive elements of the session could not be captured and therefore were cut from the video)


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