Welcome to January’s Developer Community Newsletter.

Blackboard Learn Q4 2017

We have tested the Talis Aspire Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) Tool with the Q4 2017 release of Blackboard. We can confirm that the issue where a non-unique identifier meant that all links to reading lists would share the same list has been resolved and multiple courses can now link to multiple uniquely different lists.

For reference, a link to the Blackboard issue is given below and includes details of all Blackboard Learn versions which contain the fix.


APAC new academic year, new tasks.

As the new academic year in APAC fast approaches, it’s worth considering whether any new systems you may be implementing could impact on your Talis Aspire integration.  Changes to your IDP, Catalogue, or any other integrated system may require some configuration changes to Talis Aspire.

If you know of any upcoming changes which may affect your Talis Aspire integration, or if you are simply unsure whether a change may have an impact, please raise a support ticket.

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