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What New Year’s resolutions are Higher Education libraries making?

Natalie Naik

Happy New Year! January is a month of reflection for many and a time when we make goals for the year ahead. We asked leaders from higher education libraries what they hope to achieve over the next 12 months:

“In 2018 Monash University Library will make an impact in the research arena, enabling effective research practice through programs that build researchers’ digital skills for working with data. We will bring together Library, research and student expertise to improve research data capabilities. We will implement a digital skills development framework to build the skills and capabilities of our graduates. The transformation of our library spaces have provided us with opportunities to deliver enriched public programs and exhibitions, highlighting rare and special collections, expertise and researchers digital media.”

-Janette Burke, Interim University Librarian, Monash University


  • “To help academics understand the huge potential of using weekly reading sections in ChiReadingLists and then linking that to their weekly section of resources on Moodle.
  • To promote the “Request Digitisation” function to all academics to provide seamless copyright compliance and an improved student experience.”
  • -Anna O’Neill, Director of Learning and Information Services, University of Chichester


    “To fully integrate information resources and skills into every module, or at least make good progress towards that goal in 2018. Plus keep improving our study spaces and remind anyone who’ll listen that physical libraries are still important!”

    -James Hodgkin, Associate Director and University Librarian, University of Gloucestershire


    “To build on the strengths and successes of our staff expertise and systems, to open up our digital library collections for all users. I am especially keen that 2018 is the year that we really focus on informing and driving innovative and inclusive student success, fully support accessible and blended learning opportunities for all, and do so in a way that is straightforward, compelling and sustainable.”

    -Emma Adamson, Director of Learning Services, University of South Wales


    “Although we have not defined any official goals for the next year, we have some issues we want to improve:

    • We are working to increase the amount of digital available course materials in the reading lists.
    • We would like to increase the academics engagement so that they take ownership to their lists, and use them as a pedagogical tool towards students.”

    -Kristin Danielsen, Senior Librarian, BI Norwegian Business School


    “My (Library) New Year’s resolutions are to get to grips with e-books (finding a way to deliver what students want from them), and use the adoption of  a Reading Strategy to help drive more effective usage of Library resources and Reading Lists by Academics!”

    -Ian Snowley, Dean of Student Learning Development & University Librarian, University of Lincoln


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