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How could you be engaging academics with online reading lists?

Natalie Naik
Academic perspective Integration

Could you help improve the teaching and learning experience for your academics? Find out how you could be integrating your Talis Aspire online reading lists with your Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) or Learning Management System (LMS), to enable more seamless access to resources.

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) is a tool that allows academics to point to an entire reading list, or just sections of a reading list within their VLE or LMS pages. This makes it easier for both academic and student, because the information and resources needed for a course are all in one place, allowing the academic to direct students to one place to access resources.

At a recent Talis Aspire Day, Dr Sarah Hall, Lecturer in Religious Education at the University of Birmingham, told us how LTI has improved her teaching and learning. She explained that her students like the way their reading is linked through Canvas (their VLE), as it enables them to pinpoint relevant content as suggested by Sarah. You can watch her full talk here.

At Talis Insight Europe 2017, Talis Technical Consultant, Richard Tattersall delivered a session on all things LTI. He explained what LTI is, how it can be set up and why it is useful for students and academics. Watch his presentation here:


You can set up an LTI integration at any point during your journey with Talis Aspire, whether you have just started, or if you have been a customer for many years. You may already be testing LTI, or perhaps you have set up the integration already, but want to move to the next step. Get in touch with the Consulting Team to find out more, by raising a support ticket.

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