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Talis Aspire and DMU Resource Lists

Natalie Naik

Hailed as the ‘Talis Aspire Queen’ by her colleagues at the De Montfort University library, Karen Harrison, an Information Assistant working in the Academic Liaison team is about to embark on her retirement. With a wealth of library knowledge, we asked her to share a few words on her experience.

As a member of the project group I have worked intensively to implement the Talis Aspire student resource system during the last two academic years. I’ve taken great pleasure in developing my library skills by contributing fully to all aspects of its development, including our new Talis Aspire user guide. This skill has been further developed by writing DMU Resource List training guides for library staff. I fulfilled our target of completing all first year resource lists and taken this further by also populating all the second and third year resource lists in the subject areas I support.

The benefits of DMU Resource Lists are now straightforwardly defined. It is so much easier for library staff to see how many modules require a resource, how many students are on each of these modules and whether we are up to date with the latest edition – all on one page and accessible to myself in the subject areas I support for the library.

One of the most rewarding aspects of Talis Aspire project has been having the opportunity to cascade my skills to colleagues in the academic liaison team. This has been challenging at busy times, but the way the team has pulled together has made it one of the most satisfying and worthwhile projects I have been involved with since I started working with De Montfort University in 2003.

Now as I walk around the library I see our students confidently using DMU resource lists.

They no longer have to wade through databases to look for ‘that’ journal article recommended by their module leader. Journal articles, chapters and ebooks are all one click away. Box of Broadcasts and Youtube videos are being opened and watched on PCs. All this is helping students (especially our first year students) to have a much improved journey at university.

Libraries are about people. They’ve always been about people. Those who read and those who show them how to find what they want to read. Technology may have changed and we may have changed with it but, fundamentally we’re still doing the same job that library staff have been doing for many years, helping students find what they need to complete their degree. Talis Aspire has made this a comfortable experience for library staff and the students we support.

A big thanks to Karen Harrison for writing this post! Follow DMU library on Twitter @LibraryDMU

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