Welcome to July’s Developer Community Newsletter. This month we have news of an update to our Moodle LTI Plugin, and a reminder for our upcoming webinar on Talis Aspire APIs.

Talis Aspire LTI plugin update for Moodle 3.2

Moodle 3.2 introduced a new default ‘Boost’ theme, which includes a hideable navigation bar on the left of the screen. We have now updated our Moodle LTI Plugin to resize embedded lists as the navigation bar is toggled. As always the latest code for our Moodle LTI plugin and also our Moodle block is available on our github.

For any questions or further support in managing your LTI or moodle plugins please raise a support ticket.

API webinars…

APIs enable developers to collect data from Talis products and place it in places you would not have thought of. These will give users more information and clearer links to content that they would not usually have access to.

In this webinar, Richard Tattersall, Technical Consultant at Talis explains the APIs you can use for displaying content from Talis Aspire into other systems. For example, linking reading list to your student repository.

Prior to the webinar, we recommend that you read our support article for an overview of developer APIs.

Support article on Developer APIs

This presentation will be approximately 20 mins long with the opportunity to ask any specific questions to make the best use of The APIs in your university systems.

The webinar will be held for the Asia-Pacific region on Wednesday 26th July

  • Perth (AWST) 12.00
  • Brisbane (AEST) 2pm
  • Auckland (NZST) 4pm

You can register for APAC API webinar here

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