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Hearing from academics and students from the University of Bristol

Natalie Naik
Academic perspective Student perspective

The library team at the University of Bristol recently created a video on Talis Aspire Reading Lists, speaking to students and staff who have been using the online lists to find out how this has improved their teaching and learning.

The University of Bristol selected Talis Aspire in June 2016 and worked closely with the Services Team on their implementation and into their pilot year. The project for implementing Talis Aspire is now coming to an end and further rollout is planned for 2017/18. This video was created as part of the project coming to a close and to use with academic engagement efforts over the following year.

The Talis Aspire project team at the University of Bristol worked with an in-house student production company to create the video. It was created in order to promote the ‘Reading Lists’ service to academic members of staff to encourage take up, these types of videos can be a great way of quickly demonstrating the value of online reading lists to academics, and dispelling any of the concerns around them. Hearing from students and staff from their own institution, or similar universities is especially effective.

David Boyd, Head of Digital Library at the University of Bristol told us that:
“The aim was to demystify the service to some degree and extenuate its benefits, for both academics and students. The students and staff who feature in the video were all involved in our ‘pilot’ project, that is, part of a select group of academic schools who first used the service last year during the early part of the project.”

Thanks to the library team at the University of Bristol for sharing this video with us. If you’d like to see more content from academics and students, click here.

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