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School of Education at Auckland University of Technology Celebrates Copyright Success

Natalie Naik
case study copyright

The team at Talis are always pleased to hear about successes within our user community. We were delighted to hear that last month, the project team at Auckland University of Technology held a morning tea event to celebrate success with copyright compliance.

Sally Pewhairangi, Project Manager, has written about the event below:

The School of Education is the first school to celebrate 100% copyright compliance on all their first year Semester 1 papers.

The process began in February with a workshop teaching lecturers how to use Course Resources (Talis Aspire Reading Lists) for their class reading materials.

Iris Zhu, the Business Transition Officer for the Copyright Compliance project then worked individually with lecturers to address paper-specific copyright concerns, and to support lecturers in moving their reading material from Blackboard to Course Resources. ‘It’s really heartening to see how passionate some of the lecturers are about Course Resources – they are sharing their tips with their colleagues, and us!’

On 26 April, the project team provided light refreshments (sponsored by Talis Aspire) to thank staff for their significant efforts.


Thank you, Sally, for sharing this with us and big congratulations to the team for their achievement!

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