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Talis Award for Excellence in marketing and engaging academics

Natalie Naik
Talis Awards

This year, during Talis Insight Europe 2017, we hosted the third Talis Awards dinner, where we highlight achievements from the past year from within our user community across the globe.  

One of the categories, selected by members of the Talis team, was awarded for ‘Excellence in marketing and engaging academics’. This award highlights examples of good promotion of the lists to academics, innovative and creative ways of encouraging academics to use Talis Aspire and general best-practice of working with academics to ensure a better student experience.

We are pleased to say that we awarded Victoria University of Wellington the Talis Award for ‘Excellence in marketing and engaging academics’.

Here’s why we chose them as winners: “In the first year of Talis rollout, the University achieved over 3,000 lists, predominantly academic owned. This as you can imagine has lead to some interesting conversations, but with the support of the university management team, the library have been able to effectively implement the materials they require, and drive this rollout.”


Mark Bush from Talis speaking at the Awards Dinner

The team at Victoria University of Wellington had this to say:
“Thank you for recognising the wider project team at Victoria University of Wellington put in to get a magnificent result of 90+% coverage of course lists in Talis Aspire for Trimester 1 2017. This was a great team effort involving trainers, project staff and library personnel working alongside the academics. Understanding what Talis can do and where academics concerns lay allowed us to provide targeted follow up work and training sessions. That and regular encouragement got us the result. Thanks also to the Talis support team.”


The commendations in this category were also very well deserved, there were two more universities that we felt showed real commitment and creativity in these areas:

Royal Holloway, University of London have been commended for the work with marketing and engaging academics. The campaign that has been run over the last year to drive reading lists forward has been really effective; a university wide reading list focused week, a twitter drive, and various other activities, which has lead to a real growth in the number of reading lists available. Find out more about this on their dedicated twitter page.

The University of West London has been commended for the work with marketing and engaging academics. As a university they have made great strides over the last 18 months, setting up LTI, driving academic adoption, focusing on what makes it as easy as possible for the academics to create reading lists. They have used Google Analytics to approach departments with actual usage, driving effective conversations in widening the reach of reading list coverage.

Congratulations to Victoria University Wellington, Royal Holloway, University of London and the University of West London from the Talis team. We look forward to continuing working with you.

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