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Talis University of the Year Award

Natalie Naik
Talis Awards

The Talis Awards are a great opportunity to highlight successes within the Talis Aspire user community from the Europe and Asia-Pacific regions. Find out more about the awards here.

One of the awards, selected by members of the Talis team, was Talis University of the Year. This was to congratulate all-round excellence in the use of Talis Aspire, including implementation, academic adoption, creative use of the lists, and the way in which they share their experiences with the community.

We were delighted to award Manchester Metropolitan University as the winners in this category. Here is why we felt they deserved the award:

Manchester Metropolitan’s continued promotion to academics and students through various campaigns, winning the Customer Service Excellence award, and the staff experience they have to draw upon puts this university in a great position to share their knowledge and experience.  

The Library team see themselves as the backbone to what the University achieves. They exemplify the library ethos in wanting to learn, and then share that learning with others, which drives the role that they play as part of the Talis community.

Under everything Manchester Metropolitan University Library do, they are thinking about what will deliver the most effective service possible to their users.

Rachel Fell from Manchester Metropolitan University was presented the award by Tom Hawkins, CFO at Talis


Manchester Metropolitan University Librarian Ruth Jenkins said:

“I am really proud that Manchester Metropolitan has received this award. Over the last few years, we have worked to wrap services around the student, and this award is recognition of our progress in this area and our contribution to student success. It is also fantastic to be able to exchange experience with others in the Talis community.”


Within this category, we also wanted to highlight two more universities that we believe are showing excellence in their use of Talis Aspire.

The University of Leicester have been commended for their work using Talis Aspire Reading Lists and Talis Aspire Digitised Content. As a university they have been focusing time and drive around the use of google analytics so as to help them understand what they as a library team could be doing to effectively support the reach of Talis Aspire. This with the promotion (and subsequent growth) of the digitisation service, have enabled the university to learn a lot of lessons in widening the reach of their Talis Aspire service. The lessons learnt are something that the team at University of Leicester have worked hard to share with the user group community, and are always happy to have a one-to-one conversation, or host universities who are looking to explore some of the successes that they have had.

Deakin University have been commended for their work using Talis Aspire Reading Lists and Talis Aspire Digitised Content.  Deakin are a university who have been using Talis Aspire for a number of years, who have worked hard to bake Talis Aspire into their processes, the upshot, is that now (albeit, in the background a lot of work is still happening), it simply works, and delivers to what they set out as the strategic goals. As they explore growth in the education that they deliver (and support as part of the library), the question is how do we make sure Talis Aspire works for that as well, rather than thinking about Talis Aspire separately, they are thinking about it as part of the wider library processes.

Congratulations to Manchester Metropolitan University, the University of Leicester and Deakin University from the whole Talis team! We look forward to following your future successes.


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