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How to better organise your Talis Aspire workflows: hear from the University of St Andrews

Natalie Naik
case study

Last month, we were joined by the University of St Andrews for a webinar, to hear how they have been using Trello to help organise their workflows.

Trello is an organisational tool (found at that allows you to add ideas and tasks to boards and assign these to team members.

The University of St Andrews looked at their processes and wanted to find a way to make better use of their investment with Talis Aspire Reading Lists. In the webinar Colin Bovaird, Hilda McNae and Vicki Cormie share with us how they have used Trello to manage this task and what they have learnt from the process.

They talked us through the project, from identifying they needed a tool and how they selected it to the details of how they used the tool, and finally, what worked, what didn’t and what their plan is moving forwards. You can watch a recording of the webinar below:


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