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Hearing about implementation experience at Talis Insight Asia-Pacific 2017

Natalie Naik

Our Services Team work closely with new customers to ensure their implementation experience goes smoothly, so it’s always great to hear the customer’s’ perspective of how it went, what strategies they used within their own team and how they communicated the change outside of the library. At Talis Insight Asia-Pacific 2017, we were lucky to hear from two universities on their experience.

Nicole Healy, Senior Project Manager at Queensland University of Technology talked us through the journey of acquiring Talis Aspire, from building a business case to deciding what they wanted to achieve to refining the change management process. Nicole also talked about the lessons they have learnt through undergoing this process and shares with us her reflections.

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Similarly, we heard about the implementation process at Victoria University of Wellington from Marcus Harvey, Academic Support Manager and Matthew Arrowsmith, Client Services Coordinator. They told us about their key drivers for choosing Talis Aspire, which was compliance, and how they worked to their tight deadline.

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