Welcome to the January edition of the Talis Product and Services Update.

Product Update Summary

We would like to update you on the progress of some of our key product development themes; click here to remind yourself of the Talis development focus.

Starting the new academic year or teaching period off on the right foot

At this time of year, you’ll no doubt be experiencing a high number of requests for resources and/or digitisations, as well as planning your engagement strategies and training activities for your academic, library and other support staff.  It’s a busy time all round, but planning and performance now will show benefit in the long run.  For example:

  • Support documentation – whether they’re internal or external instructions and support documentation, it’s important with the amount of new and returning staff that these documents are available, reliable and up-to-date.
  • Internal workflows – If your workflows have or are being changed from last year, to avoid confusion in your staff don’t forget to update your settings in Talis Aspire Digitised Content (TADC), or talk to us about updating your Reviews workflow in Talis Aspire Reading Lists (TARL).

As always if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to raise a support ticket.

Making changes at your university?

Please do remember to tell us if you plan to make changes to any of the systems we integrate with, such as Library Management Systems, OPAC, Identity Providers.  A change to these without speaking to us first may cause issues with the use of the Talis Aspire Reading Lists and Talis Aspire Digitised Content.  Giving us notice of these changes means we can discuss the process and options, schedule consultancy or support if required so there is no impact to your student, academic, or library colleague users.

Reviews 2.0 beta update

We are making good progress towards getting Reviews 2.0 ready for beta exit and rollout. Specifically, we are implementing the changes that will enable list processing straight to Reviews 2.0 at the time a review request is requested, removing the current wait time experienced when library staff want to work on the list. We will be sharing our plans with you all in the next few weeks, but if you have any questions around reviews then do raise a support ticket.


We are currently in dialogue with the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) to clarify some details around the technical specifications relating to Reporting that we have recently received. We have begun the work to investigate, design and implement the necessary enhancements to Talis Aspire Digitised Content to enable changes to the reporting as per the new HE License. As we release changes we will keep you updated; in the meantime, please rest assured that Talis Aspire Digitised Content remains fully compliant, and will support the evolution in reporting that CLA has now put in place.

Releases of interest

As you know Talis is agile in our development, which means we make multiple small releases and updates to our products on a weekly basis.  This allows us to release improvements as they are ready while maintaining our 99.99% uptime throughout 2016.  We have implemented a Product Update page where you can view all release information including all improvements or fixes released in Talis Aspire.  This site is available from the top navigation bar on the Talis Support site.  Releases that you may be particularly interested in are:

  • On the 19th of December, we released a change to the rollover process to exclude published lists undergoing review from the rollover process. After feedback from customers and further review from us, we have decided to reverse this change as a number of customers may have a significant number of lists under review when performing their rollover and would cause additional effort in the workflow. The following article has also been updated: Rollover overview – Talis Aspire Reading Lists.
  • It is now possible to filter a review by the presence of library or student notes. Something that was asked for in the Ideas Forum as an improvement to Reviews 2.0.
  • We have added additional information to the CLNZ reports for our New Zealand customers (for more information see Product Update (12th Jan 2017)).


Latest Talis Aspire Developments

  • Support articles of interest:


  • Bookmarking:

    Talis Aspire Reading Lists now supports bookmarking from over 230 different sources. You can see the full list of bookmarks that Talis supports.  In the following article, where can I bookmark from? If there is a site that you use that you would like Talis to effectively bookmark from, then please raise a support ticket. This month, we have updated several existing recognisers and added new recognisers for the following sites:

    • Annual Reviews (updated)
    • Cambridge Journals Online (updated)
    • C.H. Beck

If you bookmark from a site and would like to see improvements, please raise a support ticket.


Developer Community

January’s developer community newsletter focussed on building your own integrations and preparation for the changes prior to the new academic year in APAC. Don’t miss out on next month’s newsletter. To register to join our developer community, please email consulting@talis.com.

Upcoming webinars

If there is anything you would like to learn more about, or you have something you wish to share with others, then please let us know by raising a raise a support ticket.  Don’t forget to check our recordings of previously held webinars.  

  • EUROPE:   

    Using reading lists to support excellence:  Manchester Metropolitan University share how they used reading lists for their re-accreditation of the Customer Service Excellence Award. EUROPE:  Wednesday 8th February at 2pm GMT, Sign up here

  • APAC:  

    Talis Insight APAC is happening on the 2nd and 3rd of February.  More APAC webinars will be announced after this date.


Things to think about

Would like to organise a review with the Talis team? This would be focusing on getting the most from Talis Aspire and ensuring Talis Aspire is working as efficiently as possible for your university. Please email Alison Spencer to organise a time that works for you and your team to have a call.