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The stories that numbers tell: Scale (Part Two)

Natalie Naik
infrastructure Talis update

In a previous post we looked at some numbers that reflected on how we are delivering robust enterprise solutions to academic libraries in Talis Aspire. In this post, we will examine through numbers the scale Talis Aspire has achieved today.

More than 3,000 reading intentions are recorded by students every day in Talis Aspire. In 2016 we have recorded more than 1.1m reading intentions by students so far, enabling students to better manage their course reading.

More than 29,000 academics are managing and delivering reading lists online to their students as part of taught courses using Talis Aspire today.

More than 218,000 live reading lists are embedded via Learning Management systems as part of taught courses using Talis Aspire.

Talis Aspire today hosts more than a 181,000 digitised book chapters used as part of taught courses in universities across the world.

As of today Talis Aspire hosts more than 500,000 reading lists. Nearly half of these lists are actively used in courses being taught at any given time.

4.5 million
Students viewed scanned digital chapters hosted on Talis Aspire more than 4.5 million times in the last 12 months

5.8 million
More than 5.8 million citations in the active reading lists are directly driving acquisitions at academic libraries worldwide.

20 million
Talis Aspire hosts more than 20 million references collected by academics and library staff for use in reading lists. Over the last three years nearly 6 million new references have been added each year.

179 million
Students view reading lists hosted on Talis Aspire more than 179 million times on average each year.

1.36 billion
Talis Aspire serves more than 1.36 billion transactions per year. Using the Talis aspire Learning Technologies Interoperability (LTI) tool, many of our customer now embed reading lists directly within the learning management systems. Increasingly students discover and access their reading lists deeply embedded in their learning context in addition to the online reading lists pages. The transaction count reflects the total activity across the entire Talis Aspire system globally.

We designed Talis Aspire as a multi-tenant SaaS system, so it can scale effectively as we welcome more customers who selected us for our robust solutions. In the last three years, we have challenged ourselves to ensure that we improve or continue to deliver the same level of performance even while increasing the load on our systems 25% on average year on year.

Our success at developing robust enterprise solutions and delivering them at scale, has earned us the trust and support of many customers across the world. In our next post, we will look at some of the numbers that demonstrate proof of this success.


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