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How can you make the digitisation process with Talis Aspire a success?

Natalie Naik
case study librarians perspective

Copyright Specialists Tania Rowlett and Rob Melocha from the University of Leicester ran a webinar to explain how they grew their digitisation process over the past 10 years to where it is now. They talked us through the history of copyright clearance at the University of Leicester, progressing from one member of staff and one scanner to becoming one of the top users of Talis Aspire Digitised Content in the UK with a whole team of staff.

When they implemented Talis Aspire Digitised Content, the University of Leicester had been using Talis Aspire Reading Lists for two years and this made the transition much easier as it merged the task into one process, removing the need to have spreadsheets of information. Reporting has become much more automatic, making sending information across to the CLA a much easier and simpler task. Rob explains that renewals are no longer a long winded task – instead there is just a rollover process within Talis Aspire.

Watch the webinar and find out how they have made their digitisation process a success:



Discover more ways to ensure your digitisation process is a success, read this article put together by our Services Team for a checklist of things you need to do before getting started.

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