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Reading List of the Week – Employment Law, University of Birmingham

Natalie Naik
Reading list of the week

This week’s Reading List of the Week is from The University of Birmingham.

Employment Law, created by Linden Thomas is a very well structured list, with sections to divide the items, first by type of class, Lecture or Seminar and then by week, which makes it easy for the student to keep track of what they have covered as well as prepare for the upcoming class.

One of the most useful parts of the list is the additional notes from the academic, which explain the content in certain sections as well as act as cues to guide the student with their additional research.
bham 1

We recently held a webinar with Subject Advisor for the College of Arts & Law, Lisa Anderson, who explained how the department encouraged the law academics to set up reading lists. You can watch it here.

Here’s what Ann-Marie James, ResourceList@Bham project manager at the University of Birmingham had to say: “This list was created following a hands-on workshop Lisa did at the Law School Teaching and Learning away-day in the Summer. This reached all academics at one time, which was helpful as a basis for ongoing discussions about ResourceLists@Bham, and as academics were asked to BYOD (Bring your own device), we were able to get people started on their own lists there and then.

Its notable that section accesses are high, implying a link to these from Canvas. This is a great way to scaffold student learning, providing access to the resources needed, alongside their lecture notes and other learning materials.

By categorising all of the books (essential etc), we’ve been able to use Reviews to see the demand for these resources across courses, and ordered e-copies (where available), new editions or additional copies. We’re working with Linden, the academic, on digitising some of the chapters highlighted using our new Central Scanning Service”.

The University of Birmingham is using Talis Aspire Digitised Content in order to supply academics and students with the resources that are needed for their studies. By encouraging academics to request copyright cleared scans via the reading list the library is aware of the digitisations required and the Central Scanning Service can process and deliver these quickly and efficiently to the reading list.

Do you have a list you’d like to share? Send an email to or tweet us the link, @Talis with the hashtag #ReadingListoftheweek

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