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Hear from an academic at Anglia Ruskin on their Talis Player pilot

Natalie Naik

Anglia Ruskin University have been piloting the Talis Player since September 2015.  At their recent Digifest event, academic Adrian Scruton spoke about the benefits of the Player and why this has added an extra level of functionality to the systems currently used by students.

Some of the key points Adrian touches on are:

  • Increased engagement with resources and better management of student activity
  • Single sign-on for staff and students
  • Engagement statistics help him to manage class time more effectively
  • The value of utilising engagement statistics from previous year to better curate a course
  • Encouraging and facilitating collaboration, with annotations appearing in context linked to text selections or video time points

You can watch his talk here:

Talis Player was developed within Project Lighthouse.  To find out more about the Lighthouse pilot, you can watch the video from Talis Insight Europe 2016, where Matt East, Learning Technologist from Anglia Ruskin University and Rodney Tamblyn, Head of Teaching and Learning at Talis delivered a presentation on the project.

Justin Leavesley, Chief Strategy Officer at Talis has also written a blog post on Lighthouse, to give you an idea of what the project will mean for the future of Teaching and Learning with Talis.  This also contains a number of short videos illustrating analytics and collaboration features of the Talis Player.  You can read it here.

To find out more about Talis Player visit


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