Talis, the leading provider of course resource management solutions and the most widely used solution for course reading lists, are announcing new capabilities in Talis Aspire to support the institutional acquisition and delivery of core eTextbooks directly into courses for students.

Acquisition processes at more than 60% of UK universities are already driven by the business intelligence from their official course reading lists managed and delivered using Talis Aspire. The latest developments extend these workflows to inform the acquisition and the subsequent delivery of core eTexbooks, sourced directly from publishers and embedded into the course context for students.

The new workflows reduce the barriers for libraries seeking to start or pilot such projects and minimises friction for institutions looking to scale such programmes. For the library, Talis Aspire will streamline the process of communication with faculty to identify core texts to build and refine core text collections for purchase directly from publishers.

Talis Aspire removes artificial barriers to student adoption. Its integration with university systems means there is no need for fragmented content discovery strategies. Students will be able to access the resources, via the Talis Player, from their official reading lists and from their learning management system. Students will access their resources, with a single click, at the point of need and embedded deeply in their learning context.

“For many years, we have been providing a proven and robust solution for managing and delivering digital learning resources and official course reading lists, at scale, to support learning and teaching through Talis Aspire. With initiatives such as the Teaching Excellence Framework on the horizon, Library Directors are seeking more ways to enhance their support for learning and teaching.” said David Errington, CEO at Talis, “We are excited about this unique opportunity for Talis to enable universities and publishers to work together to deliver core eTextbooks directly and seamlessly into the learning context.”

The new capabilities in Talis Aspire for delivering eTextbooks directly into courses are now available to all UK universities. To find out how Talis can support new pilot initiatives or scale your eTextbooks project, contact Mark Bush.