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Reading List of the Week – Interdisciplinary Professional Ethics, Griffith University

Natalie Naik
Reading list of the week

This week’s Reading List of the Week is Interdisciplinary Professional Ethics from Griffith University by academic Donna McAuliffe.

We chose this list as it is clear that the academic has tried to make the items easy for students to access, guiding them through the resources and selecting easily accessible items where possible. The library team told us: “Griffith University uses Reading Lists to improve the student experience by providing a central list for course readings making readings accessible and discoverable.  One of the benefits of Reading Lists is that Academics are able to structure their lists to meet the teaching approach.

This is very clear in this list as we can see that notes have been added to items to help guide reading, e.g. “Please read pages 45-57”. This is used to instruct students where to navigate in the ebook. As it’s an online resource students can open the ebook directly from the main list so having these instructions means all the information is up front for the student. This helps students focus on a particular section, whilst also getting the context of the item as a whole.

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Another useful aspect of this list is that resources are grouped by topics – not just numbered sections. The clear titles mean students can use the table of contents to navigate directly to the appropriate resources.

The academic who created this list provided us with more information on the list: “7033HSV Interdisciplinary Professional Ethics has 100 students enrolled this semester, from a number of postgraduate programs including social work, nursing, health management, mental health and rehabilitation counselling. This course takes an interprofessional approach to the teaching of ethics, so the readings need to reflect this approach. The reading list is structured as a scaffolded program of reading that supports audio powerpoints for each week. This is an online course, so it is important to keep students engaged through the discussion forums. To do this, students are required to complete 3-2-1 reflections based on the readings. Students are given the following instructions:

3-2-1 is a way of structuring student reflective learning on each study topic. Course content is provided in readings, audio powerpoints, and multimedia resources. Each weekly Discussion thread will prompt you to identify the following: 3 pieces of knowledge of information that you did not previously know and which has provided new learning; 2 issues that stood out for you as points of significance for future practice; and 1 question that you still have about this topic that you would like to seek further information about. Students are required to complete a minimum of FIVE of these 3-2-1 reflection postings by the end of the course (for a total mark out of 20). Assessment will be based on the quality and depth of reflection.”


The list was created 5 months ago and has had 3165 page views, 2547 item clicks and 137 student annotations.

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