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Reading List of the Week – Critical Sport Pedagogy, University of Bedfordshire

Natalie Naik
Reading list of the week

Our Reading List of the Week is Critical Sport Pedagogy from the University of Bedfordshire from the Department of Sport Science and Physical Activity from academic Toni O’Donovan.

This list was nominated by the library at the University of Bedfordshire, they told us that “We like it because of the themed Guided Reading, but also because of the categorising of readings by the lecturer as ‘essential’ or ‘extension’. What sports student wouldn’t want to extend themselves?!”

bedfordshire 1

The library team also said “We also like the way the themed sections aren’t interminably long but provide nice options of the basics/a bit more in depth. You will see as well that over 90% of the reading material on this list is available online.” We know that making easy for students to access the material is key, and providing the resources online makes it easy for the students to access material at any time, from any location.

bedfordshire 2

The academic who teaches the unit, Toni O’Donovan, shared this with us:

“Reading lists have been a really useful addition to our BREO guided learning on Sport and Physical Education. We have organised the reading list for Critical Sport Pedagogy, which is highlighted in this blog, to reflect the weekly organisation of the unit. However, we recognised that students do not always read on a weekly basis and thus we added thematic subheadings to facilitate students returning to the content out of sequence when preparing for assignments. Reading lists has also allowed us to guide the students through the essential and recommended readings facilitating easy prioritising of papers. The inclusion of a reading list structure like this has definitely reduced the number of emails I have had from students about where they can find relevant papers, which I can only assume is a good thing!”

This list is all about making it easier for the students to access the resources, so the focus is on studying and learning, and no time is lost hunting for items. It’s great to hear that the students are requiring less help to find the resources.

Have you seen similar results at your institution? Do you feel Talis Aspire Reading Lists have improved the student experience? Send us your #ReadingListoftheWeek nomination at @talis or email

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