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Reading List of the Week – Health Sciences databases, University of Surrey

Natalie Naik
Reading list of the week

Our Reading List of the Week is Health Sciences databases from the University of Surrey. The librarian who set this list up explains why it was created and why the Talis Aspire platform has been particularly useful.

This list forms a route to the University of Surrey’s databases for students from their online Subject guide.

Karen Gravett, the librarian who set this list up, told us, “This is the way we encourage students to access online resources as they can clearly see a curated list of their most useful databases with additional information, and can also make use of the wider help from their subject guide at the same time”

The list is divided into 2 sections, “Core Health Sciences databases” and “Broadening your research using other databases”. All but one item is an online resource, making it particularly easy for students to access the information they need.

Surrey 1

The Health Sciences page ( is used across Health Sciences modules for many different groups of students. Karen told us that “the librarian would advise as to which databases would be most relevant for which group / individual during information skills sessions or appointments. We found using Talis Aspire in this way to access our databases has worked really well this year.”

We love the way that the University of Surrey have utilised Talis Aspire Reading Lists, finding a solution that is best tailored to their students, providing a central location for curated databases across the Health Sciences departments.

This list has had almost 12,000 unique page views showing the value of broader lists that provide resources across many modules or departments.

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