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Reading List of the Week – Communication Issues in Palliative Care, University of Dundee

Natalie Naik
Reading list of the week

Our Reading List of the Week is Communication Issues in Palliative Care from the University of Dundee by lecturer Libby Cahir.

This module covers 3 units of teaching and the list is split up into 3 sections to represent this. Within each unit the students are given a breakdown by topic area, such as ‘Loss and Bereavement’ as shown below, with a few reading tasks for each topic. Some sections also have ‘Additional Reading’ and ‘Useful Websites’ to provide extra information around certain topics.

dundee 1

A great thing about this list is that It draws in a range of materials – books, chapters, article, websites, films and documents which provides something for all students to relate to and use for their own learning styles.

Many of the items have notes from the academic, helping add context to the items and why they are on the list and what the student can get out of them.

The list was created about a year ago for the 2015/6 academic year and has had 116 page views and 46 item clicks for approximately 15 students.

Do you have a list you’d like to share? Send an email to or tweet us the link, @Talis with the hashtag #ReadingListoftheweek

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